Anyone can apply for waiting lists as long as they are open for applications.  Waiting lists must be open for applicants to apply.  CHA advertises openings and closings of waiting lists two weeks in advance of the date through local media.

How to Apply

Applications are date and time stamped when submitted.

  • Both waiting lists are an approximate 12-18 month wait.
  • Applications are placed on waiting lists based on date and time as well as applicable waiting list preferences.
  • When applications are selected from either waiting list, CHA will notify by first class mail or by email (whichever the family chose on the application).  These notices will include instructions on how to obtain an eligibility interview.  These interviews will determine if households are eligible for program assistance.
  • Waiting lists are cleaned out twice a year. In the spring and fall, applicants that applied on or before a specific date will be sent an application update.  Application updates must be returned by a specific date in order to remain on waiting lists.  Those that do not respond by the deadline will be removed from waiting lists.  Households can only reapply if waiting lists are open for applications.
  • All notices include a deadline to respond by. Those that do not respond by given deadlines will be removed from waiting lists.