Organization & Structure of the CHA

The Public Housing and Section 8 tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) assistance programs are funded by the federal government and administered by The Housing Authority of the City of Columbus, Indiana for the jurisdiction of the City of Columbus, Indiana and a 5-mile radius from city limits.

The officials of a PHA are known as commissioners or, collectively, as the board of commissioners. Commissioners are appointed in accordance with state housing law and generally serve in the same capacity as the directors of a corporation, establishing policies under which the PHA conducts business, ensuring that policies are followed by PHA staff and ensuring that the PHA is successful in its mission. The board is responsible for preserving and expanding the agency’s resources and assuring the agency’s continued viability.

Formal actions of the PHA are taken through written resolutions, adopted by the board of commissioners and entered into the official records of the PHA.

The principal staff member of the PHA is the executive director (ED), hired and appointed by the board of commissioners. The executive director is directly responsible for carrying out the policies established by the board and is delegated the responsibility for hiring, training and supervising the PHA staff in order to manage the day-to-day operations of the PHA. The executive director is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and directives for the programs managed. In addition, the executive director’s duties include budgeting and financial planning for the agency.

The board of commissioners is appointed by the mayor.

CHA Commissioners

Amanda AndersonResident Commissioner
Graziella BushCommissioner
Eric FreyChair / Commissioner
Amy KaiserCommissioner
Carrie KruseVice Chair / Commissioner
Michael SchoumacherCommissioner
Beth StrohCommissioner
Jerone WoodCity Council Liaison

CHA Staff

NameTitleEmailPhone Extension
Alan DegnerExecutive Directoralan@columbushome.net113
Stella CollinsSection 8 Supervisorstella@columbushome.net115
Kelley GoinsSection 8 Case Managerkelley@columbushome.net112
Jenny HamptonPainter
Melisa IsonAdministrative Assistantmelisa@columbushome.net129
Suzanne JowersSection 8 Case Managersuzanne@columbushome.net111
Julie MalsonHQS Inspectorjulie@columbushome.net117
Steve ScroghanMaintenance Tech I
Jill SharpPublic Housing Managerjill@columbushome.net119
Doug SweeneyFacilties Managerdoug@columbushome.net122
Rebecca TibbsAdministrative Assistantrebecca@columbushome.net118
Jason Weller Maintenance Tech II
Brandon WoodFinance Administratorbrandon@columbushome.net116